Tassle and Bronze Breams

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Tassle and Bronze Breams

Post  spearouys on Thu Sep 16, 2010 7:07 am

Went to A spot between Mosselbay and George on Saturday a spot wich I introduced to Eckart a while back. I was greeted with a flat and blue sea wich is something not to common on this side and you usually dive in the surf and white water working the gullies. Anyways fish was out in full numbers that day. I shot 2 big breams out of the same cave and spending about 30 minutes to retrieve the last one wich got stuck right in the back of the cave. Had to shoot it again with my other gun through a little crevise to retrieve it. I swam down a gullie and saw a few huge tails kicking under a ledge I swam away about 10m and dived down just gliding alongside this huge overhang and there were 3 tassles under this thing all close or over the 6kg mark two sped off as the current was pushing me a bit to fast for their liking but one was a bit more curios and I nailed it only to have it tear out 5 seconds later. Called out a few more smaller ones in a huge overhang with a big cave at the back and at least got 2 tassles of over 2 kg funny no other normal reefies were seen like the wildeperd and even the baby butters was gone from sight.

Anyways was a fun dive and things are turning up ok a bit with some summer fish arriving sooner than usual.

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