selling my 2 man fishing kayak

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selling my 2 man fishing kayak

Post  eckart on Thu Oct 07, 2010 10:08 pm

below are some details that I grabbed from the Macski website...
Please let me know if you are interested.

Fun & functional, the two words that describe this stable and compact craft. The unique seating arrangement accommodates a family of 4 and yet can be paddled by one person due to the central bosun seat design.
All these features come standard with each Explorer:
● Sealed (fish) box with large hinged access hatch
● 3 fishing rod holders
● Adjustable seating for maximum comfort
● Fore and aft stowage compartments
● 4 carry handles – forward, aft and both sides
● Safety container for valuables (cell phone, keys, etc)
● Large cargo net
● Perimeter and on-deck stowage safety shock cord
● Stretch cord for on deck stowage
● 2 sets (10 pieces) ventury sealer plugs
● Hull pressure regulating valve
● Super lightweight for easy handling

Weight: 22kg Length: 3.90m Width: 69cm Max capacity: 200kg[img][/img]

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