Gun Size for Newbies

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Gun Size for Newbies

Post  Vaatjie on Fri Jan 29, 2010 6:09 am

I have been asked this quite a lot by some new guys..what size gun to buy.

As Im sure Dieter, Louis and whoever will back my in saying that bigger isnt always bigger.

If you have money to buy just one intermediate 90cm-1.1 max. with maybe 7mm spear and 18mm band or similar.

And forget about a reel in the beginning. Use a float and line system.

This will allow you to shoot smalll Hotties but have enbough power for bigger fish like Cracker etc.

The idea is over time to build up your range of guns so you can have a gun for every situation. almost like gholf clubs.

Be careful not to buy to small as you will "outgrow" the gun.

The 1m-1.1 is very popular.


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