how to prevent dyhdration!

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how to prevent dyhdration!

Post  Bringel on Tue Feb 09, 2010 5:21 am

Dydration leads to fatigue, headaches and a general decrease in athletic performances. Divers dehydrate for two reasons. .

Thefirst is due to breathing through a snorkel. Breathing through a snorkel bypasses the sinuses and nasal cavities. these cavities act as humidifiers, capturing moisture from the exhaled air. bypassing these water trpas allows extra water to excape the body.

The second cause of water loss is a condition called "immersion diuresis". bodily immersion stimulates the kidneys to increas urine output. Compensate for your water loss by drinking extra water before and after dives and if diving off a boat between dives get a sip of water this will help you with your overall performance as well.

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