Some tips with cleaning fish

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Some tips with cleaning fish

Post  Bringel on Thu Feb 11, 2010 10:33 pm

Better Tasting Fish
Bleed fish ASAP. Large fish, once they have calmed down, can be removed from the fish box, hung over the side of the boat and bled out by slicing the gill arches.

Don’t Clean Live Fish
When a fish’s heart is still beating, blood is being circulated through the fish. This results in bloody fillets which require rinsing. Blood pools in organs when the fish is dead, resulting in nice white fillets. I avoid rinsing fillets as much as possible.
A third reason not to clean live fish is the safety aspect. A fish might jerk, causing you to cut yourself.
The easiest way to assure all of your fish are dead at the end of the trip is to add a bucket of salt water to the ice in your fish box. Fish that are still alive pump this cold water through their bodies and soon die. This serves an additional purpose. As the fish die, they exude all of the body slime which can be easily rinsed off at the harbour making cleaning even easier!!

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