Welcome from the Cape Spearfishing Team

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Welcome from the Cape Spearfishing Team

Post  Admin on Mon Jan 25, 2010 1:44 am

Cape Spearfishing Supplies would like to wish you all a warm welcome.

We hope that you enjoy the forum and hope you share your tips and tricks with all the registered members.

Please post as much information on the forum as you can , so that we are able to build a network of knowledge and are able to grow the sport.

The Catergories are pretty much self explained , but if you have a few issues , do not hesitate to pop us an e-mail at capespearfishing@gmail.com and we will attend to it right away.

Please note that this forum or its creators cannot be held responsible for any damages or issues related to the sport of freediving and spearfishing and you are solely responsible for the information you post on this forum.

Happy Hunting cheers

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