Atlantic Seaboard- Camps Bay

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Atlantic Seaboard- Camps Bay

Post  Bear on Sun Oct 10, 2010 3:23 am

I managed a dive last weekend with Ekcart and a few other guys in Camps Bay.

The South Easter was blowing hard, and evreything False Bay side had turned in chicken soup. It was my first dive Camps Bay side, and I was impressed to say the least. The water was clear, and there were plenty of hotties around. We swam all the way out to the blinder, into about 10/ 11 m of water. Hotties are elusive as ever, and getting amongst them is an art. We managed a few decent size between all of us, but the larger fish were just not playing cricket.

I would recommend a dive in Camps Bay to those that havent done so already. Not only is it a laugh seeing people's faces on the beach while walking passed geared up with spearguns, but the fish are decent, and so is the dive itself.


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