20 November 2010

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20 November 2010

Post  spearouys on Mon Nov 22, 2010 4:23 am

We had awesome conditions on Saturday with hardly any swell around. Waves of about 60 cm just lazily sloshed onto the beach and believe me it's not a very common thing to see in the Garden Route anyways the dive was awesome. Dived a shallow spot near kleinbrak with a lekker rising thermocline. Good for Tassles and Bronze Bream. I shot a nice bream of about 2kg and 3 Tassles of about the same size. I spooked a tassle of about 7 kg when I was drifting through a cave it was hiding in the dark at the back the entrance and exit was big enough to drift through and this thing just flew out the other side halfway through the drift. A nice Bream tore of in a small little cave as well. Anyways had a awesome dive with 3 Tassles and a nice bream as well as a good John Brown and a wildeperd of 1,8 kg. I did not see any cracker although I heard them.

All hats must come of to my good friend Joey who on a solo mission about 800m down from where I was diving collected the biggest Bream I ever saw a Monster of 5 kg!!!!. Also shot a 7 kg cracker, another bream of 3 kg a 2 kg Tassle and a 6 kg Cat face Rockod. So all in all a very good weekend fishwise. Summer is here and at last we can dive again and actually see some fish on the reefs not these remote ocean deserts anymore.

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