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Post  JJohnny on Sat Mar 22, 2014 12:39 am

Greetings from LA.
My name is John, I am kinda new to spearfishing, but having a lot of enthusiasm I bought everything that I need from and prepared myself for the upcoming adventures.
If I may, I have a few questions.
So, I have my boat in a lift under my bayhouse and have an owl that constantly loves to take massive and disgusting poops on my boat whenever he gets the chance. I don't want to put a cover on the boat unless it's a last resort and I don't want to kill the owl. I have a brand new 2014 Shoalwater 21 Cat and I hate seeing **** all over it every time I go to fish.

My question is:

What can I do to keep the owls away or at least make it stop pooping on my boat?

Any and all advice is greatly appreciated!!!

Thanks guys and hope everyone has a great weekend!


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