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help you skipper

Post  Bringel on Thu Feb 04, 2010 2:40 am

Tips about things that spearos can do to help make the Captains life a little easier.

1. Dive with a dive flag, and STAY WITH IT! The only real indication that the Captain has on where you are is the dive flag. If the flag gets away from you, safely surface and get the Captains' attention. It's no fun for him to follow an empty flag for an hour or so, finally figure out that there's no one under the flag, retrieve it, and then play the "I wonder where my divers are?" game!

2. As you surface, wind up the flag line so it doesn't get tangled in other divers or worse the props.

3. Realize that the Captain is going to try to position the boat upwind and slightly ahead of you. If there's something in the way (another boat or other divers...), help him out by swimming (together) to a place where he can safely accomplish this maneuver.

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Boat Safety

Post  Vaatjie on Thu Feb 04, 2010 3:36 am

Guys, Im a crewman with the NSRI for quite few years now.

My best tip on boat safety is to think fro the captain as well.

Ask him if you can exit the boat and climb back up.

Ask him if the boat is in neutral before you approach or exit.

A Good skipper will position the boat so the wind blows you toward him, not the other way around.

Keep emergency number handy 082 911 or Channel 16 on VHF Radio

Some thoughts

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