Some Valentines day ideas to help you guys out!!

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Some Valentines day ideas to help you guys out!! Empty Some Valentines day ideas to help you guys out!!

Post  Bringel on Thu Feb 11, 2010 10:45 pm

Hey guys still dont know what to do for V/day?? Well how about a home cooked meal for your lady!! Here are some ideas of how to cook the fish to give it a nice aroma and taste and this with some potatoes and cream and Veg and bobs ur uncle instant Happy ladies lol

If she like garlic, a baste for fish grilling
If you like a nice garlic flavor to your grilled fish, take a bottle of olive oil, peel some fresh garlic, put garlic inside oil, let sit a a few hours or so, lightly coat your fish as they are grilling. Not to bad. I have a bottle that is filled with olive oil and garlic, it really tastes good and eating garlic prevents you getting sick so it’s a win, win situation.

Simple Coating for Frying Fish!
I tried this mixture last week and it is super easy and quite tasty. Take saltine crackers and crumble them up as fine as possible. Add a lot of garlic salt and black pepper to the crumbs. Coat the fish and fry. We tried it on yellowtail and everyone (16 people) liked it.

Recipe for cook a whole fish

Here's a nice way to cook a small fish. The fish needs to be scaled and gutted, but leave the head on as there is some tasty meat around the neck and jaw. Then make diagonal cuts (scores) along both sides of the fish. Crush or pulverize a garlic clove. Push some of the garlic into the cuts on both sides, sprinkle some seasoning on fish, and roll in flour. refridgerate for an hour to allow flavor to penetrate the fish, heat skillet on medium and put a decent amount of butter or oil in the pan. Just pop those guys in the pan, usually one at a time, and cook 5 minutes on each side.
The basting sauce:
While fish is cooking whip this up. Melt some butter, squeeze a whole lime into melted butter, mince fresh cilantro and add to sauce. This gets basted on your finished product.

Hope this gives you guys some ideas!! Enjoy Valentines day bom

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