Choosing your mask:

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Choosing your mask:

Post  Vaatjie on Sat Feb 06, 2010 3:56 am

Some tips on choosing your mask for newbies.

Dont be tempted to buy the most expensive because it is "better". There is no such thing. The most important factor is comfort.

Test different models to see what mask feels the most comfortable. Omer has a nice range that fits most faces.

The buzzword is "low volume" yes it does help, but dont sacrifeice comfort for low volume.

The mask must suck onto your face if you push it on without using the strap, if it sticks then it seal propperly.

Believe me, you will know when it fits properly.

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Re: Choosing your mask:

Post  Bringel on Sat Feb 06, 2010 6:11 am

Just alittle more info i read about ...Make sure that the nose piece of the mask is comfortable enough for you to hold, as when you descend, you'll need to equalize by pinching your nose. Try it with gloves!! Stay clear of masks with purge valves on. They DO work, but have a rather short life span. They also tend to have smaller space for your fingers for equalizing!!

For spearing you have two extremes: your shallower dives and your very deep dives. For deeper dives, you're looking for a low volume mask, which allows for easier mask equalization. The downside with low-volume masks is that they offer limited vision. The term tunnel vision is often used. Popular SPEARING low volume masks are the venerable Cressi Super Ochio and Omer Alien.

For shallower diving, 0-20m, I prefer a larger volume mask, which gives you a greater field of vision. Very helpful for spotting fish just on the edge of you vision!!the newer frameless mask designs work very well for many spearo's.

Once you've acquired your mask, you need to clean INSIDE of the lens, so as to prevent fogging up. Some toothpaste smeared on the inside and rubbed around works great!! Repeat it a couple of times and your mask should not fog up anymore!!

Hope extra info help!!!!

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